Storage Side Cabinet with 4 Drawers White + Light Grey

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Features - 4 storage vertical chest of drawers. You can put photo frames, vases, plants, etc. on the dresser top as a decoration. 4 large drawers, suitable for office, bedroom, study, living room, kitchen, etc.

Design - White oak shelf + light grey non-woven drawer combination, practical and classic. The metal pull-out ring is firm and stylish. The 4 feet are adjustable of height.

Material - The partition board is made of none-paint and environmentally friendly composite wood. The drawer is made of non-woven fabric, very easy to clean. The steel frame is made of white electrical coating, which is waterproof and stable.

Dimensions - 45 x 30 x 95 cm (width x depth x height), each partition can carry up to 8 kg. The drawer can carry up to 8 kg.

Construction and Service - Easy installation, 30 days return or exchange service.