— Our story —

At SUHU, We design for how people live for their life.
Provide well-design, functional home furnishing products at low prices that everyone can afford.

SUHU comes from the dialect of my hometown, meaning “comfortable”.

I’m one of the few who insist on doing what they love. Both my parents were busy working in Germany when I was a child, so I spent most of my childhood alone doing some hand-made in my room, a small pot of walnut or stools, chosed major design at university and worked in design company.

Everytime I work late into nights, the most enjoyable moment was to go back home and have a cup of hot tea in my sofa.

“Suhu” can best express my feeling of home.

Finally we created SUHU® in 2017, we wanted to do something that can help people feel closer to their homes, like wooden stools or racks of flower、oak tables with wine and so on.

We hope every family can have it as they should be.

Suhu, for more people.


   SUHU, 2017 



— Our Team —



For more people.